HM750-Series, HM750A 22gpd Duct Steam Humidifier

Duct Humidifier 22 Gallons

SKU: HM750A1000
$1,300.00 Regular Price
$780.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions (in): 18 Height x 10 Width x 7 Depth
    Dimensions (mm): 457 Height x 254 Width x 178 Depth
    Weight (lb): 10.5 Empty, 18.5 Full
    Weight (Kg): 4.8 Empty, 8.4 Full
    Operating Temperature Range (ºF): 41º to 104º
    Operating Temperature Range (ºC): 5º to 40º
    Maximum Static Pressure (in.wc): 2.0 Positive, 3.0 Negative
    Maximum Static Pressure (Pa): 498 Positive, 746 Negative
    Electrical Information: 120Vac, 12A, 1.5kW
    Electrical Information: 240Vac, 12A, 3.0kW
    Steam Output (gallon per day): 11gpd 120Vac, 22gpd 240Vac
    Steam Output (kilograms per day): 42kg/d 120Vac, 83kg/h 240Vac
    Effective Volume 120Vac (cu.ft): 12,000cu.ft
    Effective Volume 240Vac (cu.ft): 24,000cu.ft
    Effective Volume 120Vac (m3): 340m3
    Effective Volume 240Vac (m3): 680m3

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