Industrial Dehumidifier 130 Liters

IDHD-Series, ID0130HD 130lpd Industrial Dehumidifier

Industrial Dehumidifier 130 Liters

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  • Dimensions (in): 35-1/2 Height x 27-3/4 Width x 21-3/4 Depth
    Dimensions (mm): 900 Height x 700 Width x 550 Depth
    Weight(lb): 220.5
    Weight(Kg): 100.0
    Effective Volume (cu.ft): 41,313
    Effective Volume (m3): 1,170
    Air Flow (cfm): 706
    Air Flow (m3/h): 1,200
    Noise Level (dBA): 56
    Standard Static Pressure (in.wg): Up to 0.2
    Standard Static Pressure (Pa): Up to 50.0
    High Static Pressure (in.wg): Up to 0.4
    High Static Pressure (Pa): Up to 100.0
    Power: 230V/60Hz, 11.0A, 2.5kW
    Power: 230V/50Hz, 11.0A, 2.5kW

    Operating Temperature Range (°F): 46°F to 102°F

    Operating Temperature Range (°C): 8°C to 39°C

    Operating Humidity Range (%): 40% to 98%
    Capacity (pints per day): 270ppd
    Capacity (liters per day): 128lpd