Thermostats, VisionPro Smart Thermostat

VisionPro Thermostat HW

$320.00 Regular Price
$224.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions (in): 5 Height x 6-1/4 Width x 2-1/2 Depth
    Dimensions (mm): 124 Height x 157 Width x 61 Depth
    Heating Setting Range (ºF): 40º to 90º
    Heating Setting Range (ºC): 4.5º to 32º
    Cooling Setting Range (ºF): 50º to 99º
    Cooling Setting Range (ºC): 10º to 37º
    Humidification Setting Range (% RH): 10% to 60%
    Dehumidification Setting Range (% RH): 40% to 80%
    Temperature Sensor Accuracy (ºF): ±1.5º at 70º
    Temperature Sensor Accuracy (ºC): ± 0.8º at 21º
    Humidity Sensor Accuracy (% RH at ºF): ±5% at 75º
    Humidity Sensor Accuracy (% RH at ºC): ±5% at 24º
    Wi-Fi Communication: 802.11 b/g/n Router, Android or IOS Device
    Electrical Information: 24Vac, 2.4VA

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